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  02 Aug 2003 Issue #23  
  Promoting Health through Knowledge  
  Ted Roxan, Editor

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  Let's get back to legal basics.  
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  Feature Article  
  Let's get back to legal basics.  
  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently begun crackdown on Internet Marketers of all types, and it is*very* possible that you could be the next victim.

In fact, one of the biggest Internet marketers of all time just had his entire business shut down, his web sites completely removed, and was fined over $25,000 just because he didn't protect himself with the proper legal disclaimers on his web site!

Let's face it. Proper legal documentation can be a real pain to acquire. That's why most people don't use them. Heck,the attorney fees alone could cost upwards of $10,000!

But NOT any more.

Now YOU Can Automatically Generate The Proper Legal Disclaimers You MUST Have On Your Web Site In Less Than 5 Minutes From Now!

Len Thurmond and Bruce Saffron Present. AutoWebLaw Pro -The World's FIRST Software that Provides COMPLETE Protection for You AND Your Business In Under 5 Minutes!

I cannot stress this enough.

If you sell a product or service online and you DON'T have the proper legal disclaimers on your web site, you could wake up tomorrow to find all your assets frozen, your web sites removed and fines in excess of $25,000 waiting to greet you.

If you're thinking "This won't happen to me" then think again. Our poor friend didn't think it would happen to him either. and then it all came crashing down on him the very next moment.

You really can't afford NOT to check this out IMMEDIATELY:

For Your Protection,

Dave MacGregor

PS. Never forget, the FTC is now randomly searching for sites that don't completely adhere to their *strict* policies, and are prosecuting anyone that fails to comply to the fullest extent of the law. This is not a joke. This is serious.

If you want your business to remain safe on the Internet, I urge you to check out this site NOW:

  Ask the Doctor  
  Talking with the experts  
  Copyright 2003 by Willie Crawford

Experts on the Internet are created so fast that most of us totally discount the title "expert." We watch people log-in online one day... asking questions about how to create a link in a webpage. A week later, this person has written a book offering to share with you his last five years of "experience" from operating a business online. I have actually seen one individual do just this! He's no longer in business on the net since people saw through his pretense ;-)

Part of why there's so much mistrust online is that there are too many "pretend" experts. These are the people who believe that you should "fake it until you make it." Don't let this happen to you. Don't discount the intelligence of your market. Instead, be honest with them and find something of value in your knowledge, experiences, training or RESEARCH.

The problem for the beginner is that he sincerely believes he cannot be a success unless he comes across as an expert. He believes that to be accepted, and to have people buy his products, he has to "talk the talk." This is true to an extent. It would make absolutely no sense for someone to buy a book from you on a topic that you are admittedly totally unqualified to write about. So, for the beginner it would appear to be an unwinnable situation.

Believe it or not, the beginner has an advantage that the old-timer does not have. He sees things through the eyes of a beginner. The old-timer lost the ability to see things through the eyes of a beginner many years ago. Now he assume far too many things. He takes for granted things that the beginner really doesn't understand. That's where the beginner has the advantage.

One of the most important decisions a person deciding to build a business online has to decide is "what" to build a business around. Far too many look at a niche they think they want to operate in and then they just copy those already in that niche. What they should really be doing is looking for holes and unmet needs in that niche and filling them. The old-timer will look right past some of these unmet needs, simply because of his perspective. This is where I think the beginner should focus.

When you notice a need for a product, or a better version of the product, you need to pay attention. Look real hard to confirm there is enough need for that product... enough demand, and then ask how you can fill that need. You should reach one of two conclusions.

1) That there is no real demand for the product and that's why no one is producing it.

2) There is sufficient unmet need to support a product and it may makes sense for you to create it.

It sometimes makes sense to find an expert to help you create this badly needed product.

If you have trouble finding an expert in a given niche that's even better. Since there is no other expert on that topic, it's easier for you to establish yourself as the expert. How? You BECOME the expert. You do the research and hard work necessary to become the expert. If everyone else is too lazy to put in the work and become the expert on that topic - that's perfect!

Dig up all of the information you can find on the topic. Do the research. The information may just be hard to find, or it may be somewhat out of date. Dredge up what you can and begin compiling it into a product. If what you find needs updating, find a way to update it... find a way.

If you simply cannot find the information... if it just isn't available, now you have a real opportunity. You need to track down whoever can help you discover or generate this information. In the United States this could be a librarian, or even a congressman. Congressmen have staff members who are there to help constituents with problems. Not being able to find information on a given topic is a "problem." Call and see if your local congressman's staff can point you in the right direction.

No matter what topic you're looking for information on, there IS someone who can help you. There is someone interested in and probably doing research on that topic. Your job is to locate them. They may work in a laboratory or at a university. They may be in retirement but still very interested in their old line of work. Your job is to locate the information and then package it for the market.

In the process of dredging up hard to find information that you need, or noticed a need for, something magically happens. You become the expert. Since you are now the source of information on that topic, where very little information was previously readily available, you become known as the expert. Since you did so much research, reading and studying the topic... you are now the expert. You are not the pretend expert, you are the real expert. You know more about the topic than almost anyone most people know.

I personally have seen many people use just this route to become recognized experts on a topic. The topics range from how to afford a house, to how to score higher on test, to how to protect yourself from degenerative diseases. Look around you... read the papers... and I am sure you will see many people who have done similar things. They validate this path to becoming an expert. It's a proven path and it's also a well-known fact that people will pay experts for what they know.

Now the road map is unfolded in front of you. You only need to set out to become the expert. In the process something else magical will happen. People will recognize you as a "real" expert because pretend experts are fairly easy to see through. What are you waiting for? You have the road map and only need to get started.

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  From our Readers  
  Here is what our readers say.  
  Last month I mentioned that something exciting was going to happen this month. Well unfortunately due to the arrival of the Mark Joyner package I was somewhat diverted from my plan.

I now have a number of sites, some are new and others not so.

Here they are:

Obviously I cannot write a separate ezine for all of them so it was my intention to consolidate to a single NEW ezine entitled - wait for it - Your Net News - but as I mentioned previously, I got sidetracked.

So hopefully next month !

It is worthwhile mentioning here the fantastic value of the Mark Joyner package $1,000,000 worth of software for less than $1,000 - yes that is right and I tell you it is well worth it.

Anyone interested can see the package overview here:

alternatively you can listen to the man himself being interviewed by Mike Chen.

Download the interview and learn some of the nets hidden secrets.

Boy, the only problem with all of this is it's too exciting, there are just so many opportunities one can have.

Let's get back to basics. There has been a lot of talk recently about legal issues concerning web sites so I felt it would be worthwhile introducing the problem AND a solution.

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  Important resources.  
  Virtually every day I am asked questions about HTML or other non product related issues.

Yesterday it was "how do I create a directory on my C drive?"

Today, this very morning, "How do I protect my source code from being copied?"

Ok, I thought I must get my hands on a product that'll help with a lot of these day to day problems and quess what, I have bought a cracking tool that you can have AND give away. Here it is:

Hey, you don't have to thank me - that's what I am here for.

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