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Overview-PREMIUM PRODUCTS, proven to SELL

pay-per-sale affiliate program    For over 20 years, CLE Contact Lenses has been a world leader in delivering quality Contact Lenses and Sunglasses. The selection and depth of our product offerings are unsurpassed, reflecting our commitment to the most dedicated of customers. Our range of products is as varied as the brand names we carry - Acuvue, Johnson and Johnson, Ciba Vision, Wesley Jessen, Cooper Vision, and Boston, to name but a few. Recently we have been approved as an Authorized Acuvue Internet Retailer. This will allow us to ship the Number 1 selling contact lens in the world, unabated. Additonally, we can extend any and all promotions to our customer base. The wonderful thing about contact Lenses are that they, for some, are a necessity not an impulse. When a necessity exists, a strong customer relationship is established. In demand products create a very lucrative e commerce environment.

   An affiliate program is one of the most effective and low-maintenance ways to make money on the Internet. Our Affiliate Program offers you a simple payment structure that pays 7% commissions on all sales, high commissions adds value to your existing Web site, while simultaneously earning money. Our affiliate program is FREE and there are NO setup nor administration fees! As a CLE affiliate, you will find that we are highly motivated and truly dedicated to your success. We want to send you a check every month, and we want to work with you to help you succeed.

   All affiliates, will have access to our password protected Affiliate Lounge which will help you evaluate the success of your affiliate site, see how much money you have earned, generate traffic reports and update your account information, online; all in real time. Our commission tracking system keeps a running tab of the referral fees you've earned. You can sign on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to check your account. We also provide you with a variety of reports on traffic and sales coming from your site.

   We offer a sophisticated product linking system for affiliates. Individual product links help maintain a tighter focus and can significantly increase your conversion rate resulting in more affiliate commissions in your pocket.

Our Program

  1. Within your account you can choose from a selection of banners, text links, or Product Specific Links to place on your site, e-mail, and/or newsletter. The links will contain an unique account code to track all sales generated by your web site.

  2. When a potential customer clicks on that link, it takes them through our AFFILIATE TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS) on the way to our site. (The customer does not know ATS is involved.)

  3. ATS puts a cookie in their browser. A cookie is a tiny text file that tracks which affiliate sent the customer and what type of link they used. It does NOT record e-mail addresses nor any other personal information. Even if they return months later without your affiliate link, you will still get paid. This Cookie expires in 4 years, which gives affiliates credit for sales 4 years after an initial click through.

  4. Then, if the customer purchases ANY of our products, the information from the cookie is sent to ATS and you get paid 7% of the total purchase.

  5. Simple, fast and best of all, you do nothing but provide links to our web site.

  6. We take care of all the customer support, service, prescription verification, and shipping you just sit back and watch your commissions roll in.

   Once you have a link on your site, your job is pretty much finished. We provide the service, billing, and support. Everything about your affiliate link is tracked automatically, and can be accessed through our Affiliate Lounge.

The Details

  • You must have an up and running website to sign up as an affiliate. We review each web site carefully, both before and after it is approved. We do reserve the right to refuse to approve a site or to revoke a site's membership any time if we deem it contains or links to objectionable material.

  • You must have a place to put the affiliate link (preferably on your Home Page).

  • You must have be over 18 years of age.

  • No access fee, No risk, You can drop out anytime!

  • Checks are issued on the 20th of the month for the previous month's sales. Normally, the minimum amount of money that you must make before receiving a check is $25.

Why is our affiliate program so successful?

  • There is no risk. If it doesn't work, all it costs is a few minutes of your time to add a few links.

  • We use a sophisticated tracking system that keeps our Program fair and honest.

  • We offer one of the most attractive affiliate programs on the Internet.

  • Our program provides exceptional revenue opportunity for affiliates, as well as the chance to partner with one of the Internet's fastest growing e-commerce companies.

  • Monthly payments to affiliates, timely commission reporting and regular communications with the program manager.

  • Our affiliates know their stats in real time: sales, commissions earned, clicks, impressions, CTR, and more.

  • 17% click rate from our Affiliates.

  • Over 180 MILLION people are actively wearing Contact Lenses.

  • Email support to quickly assist with any questions or concerns.

  • Powerful online reporting software.

  • Creative banners and buttons to drive sales.

  • Our IN DEMAND products SELL!!!

How do I get started? Getting started is quick and easy.
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Anti-Spam Policy

    By accepting the CLE Contact Lenses Affiliate Agreement you also agree not to promote your affiliate website through any of the following means.
Sending unsolicited e-mail for commercial purposes (aka "SPAM")
Posting a single article or advertisement, about which we receive multiple complaints, to Usenet or other Newsgroups, forums, e-mail mailing lists or other similar groups or lists
Posting to any Usenet or other newsgroup, forum, e-mail mailing list or other similar group or list articles which are off-topic according to the charter or other owner-published FAQ or description of the group or list
Engaging in any of the foregoing activities using the service of another provider, but channeling such activities through a service provided by CLE Contact Lenses (such as using an CLE Contact Lenses -supplied mailbox as a maildrop, or referring to a URL hosted on our server)
Falsifying user information, including the falsification of e-mail return addresses
The use of too-good-to-be-true marketing software programs that BLAST USENET or NEWSGROUPS

    CLE Contact Lenses considers the above practices to constitute abuse of its service and of the recipients of such unsolicited mailings and/or postings, who often bear the expense. Therefore, these practices are prohibited by the terms and conditions of the services offered by CLE Contact Lenses. Engaging in one or more of these practices may result in Termination.

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