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"...Spent over an hour with search engines identifying several contact lenses retailers. Then, I narrowed down the companies by price and professional appearance of their web sites. NO ONE had better prices than CLE. No one. Ordering on line from a company you never used before is always al little unnerving, but . . . I placed my order on a Sunday, faxed them a copy of my prescription on Monday, and had the entire order in my hands on Wednesday. The savings over my optometrist were about $89.00 on eight six-lense boxes. I highly recommend. ..."
Roberta Hoffmann

"...I found myself in a tight situation. My sister was getting married on Friday and I tore my last contact lens Thursday morning. I tried to order more from my previous company and they could not get the contacts to me in time. I searched the web and was told the same thing by other internet companies. Only Natalie at CLE was able to complete my order and get me my contacts. I'm sold on CLE. You have a client for life!..."

"...I have been very satisfied with my experience so far with CLE. I will share my experience with my friends and let them know about my purchase. Although it took me "forever", I enjoyed getting the discount for doing the puzzle...."
Carol L Hale

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