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You can buy a CLE Contact Lenses Gift Certificate for any product we sell. You may have the Gift Certificate emailed to the recipient on any day you choose, even today. Or, you can print the Gift Certificate and deliver it yourself.

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Our Gift Certificate program is administered by PayPal. The terms and conditions for buying and redeeming Merchant Gift Certificates via PayPal are important to review. View the full Paypal Gift Certificate policy by clicking here.

Recipient Cancellations: Gift certificate recipients can cancel their gift certificate within 60 days of the purchase date and have funds refunded to the purchaser.

Refunds: Refunds on gift certificates that were purchased using a credit/debit card will have the face value credited to that credit/debit card. Refunds on gift certificates that were not purchased using a credit/debit card will be placed into the purchaser's PayPal account.

Expiration: Gift certificates do not have an expiration date.

How to redeem your gift certificate:
  1. Visit Shop and find an item you wish to purchase.
  2. Select PayPal as your payment option. Log in to your account. You must have or register for a PayPal account to redeem this gift certificate. (To register, click Sign Up now .)
  3. When prompted, enter your gift certificate redemption code and follow the last steps to redeem your gift certificate.
Important Terms:
  1. Printed Merchant Gift Certificates are transferable if they do not include a recipient email address. For security and verification purposes, you may be required to verify your identity using a credit card.
  2. Multiple gift certificates can be redeemed on a single purchase if they are in the same currency. Unused balances may be applied to other purchases.
  3. Gift certificates do not expire and do not accrue maintenance fees.
  4. Neither the merchant nor PayPal are responsible for lost or stolen gift certificates.

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Naomi Holloway

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