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Boston ES Multifocal

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Boston GP lenses offer clear vision and are easy to care for. And ?because they are durable ? they're an economical choice....

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"...This is my first order, actually, first viewing of site, and so far, so good. Im extremely pleased with the price, including the rebate to be received of $30.00--provided that I send in the 5 step required info. I will plan on reordering time and again, if all goes as planned with this order. Very pleased to have found YOU! ..."
Bonnie Darling

"...As usual a prompt efficiant service...."
Mrs R. Price-Evans

"...I was suprised to find out that CLE called the our eye care doctor to have the prescription faxed to them. You saved me a lot of running around. Thank You very much!..."
Jillian Rubinstein

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