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Lobob Optimum Wetting and Rewetting Drop (1 fl. oz.)

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Optimum by Lobob W/RW Drop contains polymeric wetting and cushioning agents to wet and lubricate the lenses prior to insertion....

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"... great web site... love the convenience and quality of this service. I highly recommend using this service and will continue to do so as long as they remain the same or better in the future. i tell everyone i know about CLE contact lenses and am glad to have found you. Thankyou for providing me the convenience, affordable prices, quick delivery and great products that i trust. sincerly...a satisfied and faithful customer. ..."
Angel Metcalfe

"...Almost everything was smooth sailing. There was only one thing that I found to be an inconvenience and that was that the promotion code I had, from a crossword puzzle game for $20 off the total, did not automatically affect the total at checkout. This was easily remedied, however, by calling the toll free number on the site. Prices are reasonable and I was most excited that to get discounts on contacts, I was not locked into buying 4 or 6 boxes at a time, like with 1-800-contacts and others. ..."
Rachel Blumberg

"...The products were in excellent condition. The shipping seemed to take a few days longer than anticipated. Im not complaining though since the shipping was free. Thanks! ..."
Alice R. Klobe

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