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"...Best price Ive found for my contacts, and the previous two times Ive ordered, theyve arrived promptly. ..."
Mary Fassett

"...The ONLY place to buy contacts - online or brick store! Best prices and if you are a repeat customer you get a discount and free shipping! Plus they keep track of what you order and will even send you a reminder when its time to re-order. Keep up the GREAT work, CLE! ..."
Julie Poling

"...I LOVE THAT YOU HAD MY LENSES IN STOCK AND THAT THERE WERE NO GLITCHES ON YOUR SITE!!! The one Ive been going to for nearly a year has failed me on both counts, three times now. Please keep up the good work on your site. Proclear Compatibles w/ base curve 8.2 was so difficult to find, I was ecstatic you had them. Looking forward to recieving them. ..."

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