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Category: Contact Lenses>Monthly Disposable
   FREQUENCY 55 6 PACK   sale price  $ 15.95   per 6 pack


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Product Information: Frequency 55 is a planned replacement lens, designed to be worn for up to three months, and then replaced with a new pair, so your lenses never have a chance to accumulate vision-clouding deposits. Frequency 55 lenses are made from a material that resists buildup of protein deposits on the lens surface, so you can see clearly and comfortably with the same lens for up to three months without having to use protein-dissolving enzymes. The Frequency spherical lenses are molded using the patented UltraSync™ technology. It ensures that vision and comfort are consistent from lens to lens. The unique lens design and light blue handling tint makes them easy to handle and care for. The lens may be prescribed for either daily wear or for extended wear from 1-7 days between removals for cleaning and disinfection or disposal, as recommended by the eye care practitioner. Lenses are provided to you in foil-sealed tamper-evident packages.
Material: polymacon. 55% water.
Availability:  * 100% of product available as of September  14,  2003
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